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PaybacksABeach, LLC is owned and operated by us, a husband and wife duo in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. What started as a 30th birthday gift back in early 2015 has turned into a full-fledged business, growing to the point of hiring employees, and looking to expand to larger facilities. We pride ourselves on being the first solid oak, hand stained valets available on Etsy, and have since branched out into premium woods, laser engraving, as well as other products and shops.

Our valets are all made by hand, in our garage-turned-shop, hand stained in our addition, and shipped to you from Virginia. Our first valets were shipped in Amy’s discarded Sephora boxes, which has been upgraded today to efficient shipping and handling processes, but all still made by Andrew.

PaybacksABeach started in the spring of 2015 when Andrew was in grad school pursuing a master’s in human resource management. In March we were commissioned to come up with a gift for Amy’s younger brother’s 30th birthday, something special and unique, basically the gift for someone who has everything. Having dabbled in carpentry since middle school, this was a welcome task for Andrew to undertake, and he quickly came up with a prototype valet, Amy stained it, and the solid oak, hand stained valet was born. On a whim, having already had some success on Etsy, Amy decided to photograph the valet and list on Etsy, and low and behold it sold instantly. So did the next and the next, until we were 3 months past the birthday and decided to add initials so William would finally receive his valet. He still has that valet and uses it to this day, much to our chagrin as the design has been perfected, and all flaws improved upon.

Fast forward to 2018, Andrew has since graduated and consults professionally in Human Resources, and Amy has quit her job to pursue her MBA. The business has grown into a full-scale operation, has been featured in multiple blogs and gift guides, and featured as THE Father’s Day gift by Etsy Editors, Glamour and Real Simple magazines, with new products being thought up and added frequently. Andrew is still in charge of production and finishing, with Amy handling accounting, marketing, shipping, and customer service. What started as a birthday gift request has turned into a full-time business, talk about the American Dream!

We LOVE making custom pieces, feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to make it happen!

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